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This Won’t Age Well - Shane Smith #599 - Patreon Only Bonus

June 18, 2019

C'mon! You didn't think we'd just give you 20 minutes of basketball talk? Did you?

With Joe being away we thought we'd give you just one last free sneak peek of what we have going on over at our Patreon as we continue our new series; This Won't Age Well. 

In this throwback, the guys head all the way back to #599. An Ottawa boy. Shane Smith, Co-founder of Vice Magazine and Vice Media. This was Shane's second time on JRE and it is very interesting listening to this knowing what we know now about Vice News and The Vice Network. This episode is the perfect example of why we wanted to do this series in particular. To see who gets what right, who is way off and who gets me too'ed!!! The future is scary folks. Watch what you say, strong chance in 5 years, you'll be very wrong.


We hope you enjoy!