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This Won’t Age Well - Patreon Only Bonus

June 3, 2019

In our new series; This Won't Age Well, we each choose an old episode of The Joe Rogan Experience and we take a little trip down memory lane. If you join our Patreon, we will be releasing three of these stand-alone episodes a month. Hell, we may even choose one of your favorite episodes!!! 

This episode, Simon chose Giorgio Tsoukalos, from Ancient Aliens. I know... youdathunkit. Buckle up! Him and Floyd butt heads.

The next two episodes are Shane Smith and Gavin McInnes, both are founders of Vice Magazine and both happen to hail from the small logging community we call home. I will say this, the name of this series is incredibly fitting after listening to both those episodes. But you'll have to join the Patreon to hear them...

So head over to


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