The Joe Rogan Experience Experience

Episode 58 - Week of November 25 - December 1

December 3, 2019

Full disclosure: there was a an original plan when we sat down that got scrapped after this episode. We were going to run a midroll ad and give you guys a bonus throwback as an add-on to this one episode week. However, after a discussion, and realizing it's December and we're all very busy, we decided against it. Just too much work. So we apologize for the pump fake towards the end.

That being said, there was only one episode this week with US Thanksgiving. So it's not the longest episode. But we dug deep and had a pretty good discussion! We all agree, even Kamar, that Tulsi should have a good shot. But you'll have to listen to find out what we think will happen...

We hope you enjoy!

And thanks to our sponsor Go check them out!!

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