The Joe Rogan Experience Experience

This Won’t Age Well - Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo #911

April 25, 2020

We don’t have much to offer. But we figured since everyone is stuck at home (you should be home) we’d try to help with the boredom. We are going to release every episode of our Patreon only series “This Won’t Age Well”. It isn’t much. We’ve only recorded 25 or so and we’ve given you a few already. But it’s something. Just our way of saying thanks for listening and thanks for staying home during this tough time. Please note: some of these were recorded quite some time ago and I didn’t have it in me to re-edit every episode. I have the time. I lack the patience. And I’m trying to get this Youtube up and running.

We will make it through this! Stay home and stay strong!

Expect one a day until we run out... 

Originally aired: ????

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