The Joe Rogan Experience Experience

Episode 73 - Week of March 9 - 15

March 17, 2020

We had to make some tough decisions this week. We had almost decided last minute to NOT release an episode this week. What we did decide to do was record with only two of us. Simon had to call in. That being said, it's not the highest quality. We're just three guys with a couple of iPhones and a dream, after all. But we did still record a full episode for you guys. We didn't wanna let this thing get the better of us. So here it is.

We hope you can make it through and that it isn't too distracting having Simon out of the "studio". We really hope things will be back to normal next week and every week after, but we can't promise anything. We will keep you all posted on the socials. We also won't have hurt feelings if anyone has to abandon the Patreon. We know there can be some tough times ahead and we want you all to be safe!

We appreciate every single one of you and we truly hope this doesn't hit anyone of you close to home.


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